Transatlantic21 2006/07

The solar boat “Sun21” achieved a world record!


The solar powered catamaran, “Sun21”, crossed the Atlantic Ocean as the first motorboat, without using one drop of fuel. We wanted to demonstrate the huge potential of solar energy, also for ships. We began the trip on October 16th, 2006 in Basel and arrived on May 8th, 2007 in New York City. “Sun21” covered a distance of 7,000 sea miles. This trip was made possible, both, by the Association Transatlantic21 and a generous private sponsor who covered all expenses. Today, “Sun21” has been renamed “WWF Solar” and is used by the World Wildlife Fund Spain for educational activities for the promotion of solar energy and climate protection.


The crew of “Sun21” was awarded with the Guinness World Record Award 2007, for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean using only solar energy.