SunWalk 2009

Martin walks to encourage the phasing out of nuclear energy phase out and for 100 % renewable energy in Switzerland.


We are at a crossroads – we have to choose the Sun- or the nuclear-energy path. We cannot choose both. The nuclear-energy path depletes our resources and the innovative prowess needed to propel the solar path. The clean-energy enterprises in Switzerland need orders for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that will create jobs. Martin will walk around Switzerland following a circular-shaped route that will represent the SUN--our inexhaustible source of light, heat, and energy. In less than one hour the Sun sends enough energy onto the planet to fulfill the annual energy needs for all human kind. After the hike around Switzerland, Martin will criss-cross the country from NW to the South, from NE to the SW. The lines of the routes will intersect in Gösgen, near one of the five nuclear reactors in Switzerland. This route symbolizes the end of nuclear power for Switzerland. The nuclear path is- and was never acceptable, from an ecological- or economical standpoint. Every man, every woman can create their own solar path, using his or her own creativity and determination!